06 December 2007

Kingston’s funky these days

Kingston is alive these days. Thursday nights on cool, calm evenings are no exception. I was down there for other reasons (so no camera and little time), but I caught the funky trio that plays each week at the Belgian Beer Cellar. The trio comprised that satisfying combination of Bill Williams and Ed Rodrigues, who we see so regularly playing around town these days, with a guitarist who was new to me, Andy Campbell. I’ve admired both Bill and Ed for some time, and written frequently of them here. This context was more blues-based funky than the laid back jazz they play here on Sunday afternoons. They did it proud. Bill is wonderful on the double bass with syncopated funk lines that would be more at home on electric. Not an easy ask but he plays it convincingly. Ed was his usual responsive self, but in this context more insistent and percussive. Nice stuff. Andy was a fitting partner in these surroundings. What I heard (just a few tunes) was blues-scalar lines (perfectly apt for this style) on a blond semi-acoustic with some nice chordal soloing thrown in. The place was lively and the clientele were largely ignoring the players, which allows you a nice, self-indulgent outing. I wish I had more time to listen. I didn’t have the camera with me either, so no pics. Andy Campbell (guitar) played with Bill Williams (bass) and Ed Rodrigues (drums).

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