31 May 2014

Young guns

They were some decent musos. I was expecting a band with Mike Price, but we got a series of young players, mostly in the first year course at ANU, and they were good. They ran through a series of jazz tunes and standards. They got the lines and complexities. Several drummers and guitarists, one bass and one sax. I knew Calum from previous gigs and he played really well. I enjoyed all the guitarists, and interestingly, preferred different guitarists on different tunes. They featured on the styles that they obviously preferred, or maybe practiced. Bass was impressive with some very melodic solos and drums were solid. It all bodes well for the future. Not sure I got all the names right, though. I didn't stay for the jam session, but this part was worth the visit.

Mike Price (guitar) gathered a series of young players and sat in for some tunes. Players included Calum Builder (alto), Stephen Read (guitar), Pat Quin-Quirke (guitar), Tyson Jones (guitar), Brendan Keller-Tuberg (bass), Hayden Fritzlaff (drums), Kaitlin Ashley-Thomas (drums). Perhaps others.

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