01 December 2014

Future back-tracking

Great fun night. Jazz Republic plays a backyard for Martina and Jack. This is a crossing the generations gig for crossed generations. A standard mix of jazz and pop but a clear night, a band drenched in chemicals for the mozzies, some considerable fun and one of the only times I've played a party gig and had people sit later in the night to listen. Also amusing to be playing e-bass again. I forget how quick and fluent you can be on this thing, especially after years developing muscles on the ungainly but beautiful double bass. Is this a back to the future experience? Maybe so. Electric basses are hardly the future (dating from ~mid-1950s) but double basses have centuries on them. But much enjoyed. Thanks to all.

Jazz Republic were Leanne Dempsey (vocals), James Woodman (piano), Richard Manderson (saxes), Eric Pozza (bass) and Brenton Holmes (drums).

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