30 March 2015

Drinking chai to Tchaikovsky

It's always good to see muso mates out for a gig. In the past it has been jazz, but with the state of jazz in Canberra, well... This time it was Tchai Quartet, a string quartet formed from members of my other orchestra, Maruki. Tchai plays weddings, parties and everything. I caught them at a gig in Civic for friends. The music ranged over the centuries from the expected (Vivaldi, Handel, Pachelbel, Mozart) to the unanticipated (Stand by me) with a few Beatles in there too (Hey Jude, Let it be, Here there and everywhere). The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba was majestic; one of Handel's Four seasons was sprightly with birds and gust of wind evident; the Pachelbel Canon was calming as ever; Stand by me was surprisingly effective with a cello slap bass line and a second take with vocals (Antonietta and Liz, I think). Hey Jude was more appealing than I'd expected, mercifully leaving the ending cut short. Here there and everywhere was just delightful. It is so, so pretty: the delicate and delightful writing of Paul McCartney. Much enjoyed.

Tchai Quartet are Mark Lim (1st violin), Janet Fabbri (2nd violin), Linden Orr (viola) and Rachel Towson (cello).

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