01 August 2017

Much ado 1

Here's a visit to another music institution in Canberra. There are many. This is a choir, again there are many. Now called Canberra Community Chorale; previously it was the University of Canberra Chorale. I sat in on tenor for one session. The normal guide is AJ America with accompanist Lucus Allerton. They were off somewhere performing with Luminescence Chamber Singers so Tobias Cole filled in for the day, on both roles. This was good. Toby did an excellent job, training in odd times (7/4 required for this piece) and modes (dorian and mixolydian were practised and phrygian required for this piece). Also, interestingly, rounds of the modes, resulting in some delicious harmonies and a complex musical environment. The choir sings songs for the first semester and a major work for the second. Last year's was Mozart Requiem; this year's is Bob Chilcott Requiem. To be played with a chamber orchestra at Wesley Church in November or thereabouts. Nice. Best of luck.

The Canberra Community Chorale was led in practice by Tobias Cole.

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