03 August 2017

Much ado 3

Now it's getting serious. National Capital Orchestra is coming within a week of performing. The program is Beethoven Emporer concerto and two modern Australian pieces, both very filmic and seafaring: Christopher Gordon Moby Dick suite and Nigel Sabin Symphony 1996. But most interesting is the involvement of the composers. Both will be there on the day; CG was at our last practice; NS will be at our next. Beethoven isn't coming. The apprehension is higher for Leonard, our conductor, as his interpretation is on show and open to comment by the composer, but the whole orchestra is on display. Not exactly nerve wracking, but another experience with some demands. We did it last concert with Carl Vine. It's an interesting twist on a rehearsal. The concert is NCO, TheQ, 3pm, 6 Aug.

Composer Christopher Gordon attended a rehearsal of National Capital Orchestra under Leonard Weiss.

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