22 August 2019

The show goes on

The continuing story of basses. This time it was a run to Sydney and Bresques Basses. BB is Matthew Tucker in Marrickville. He shares the workshop with Dave Ellis of Homebass. So, a good opportunity to chat bass, talk bass, indulge. So it was, but this was serious business. I worried about a possible sagging top under one bridge foot. In the end, no problem there and a few other jobs done for a significantly louder and firmer sounding bass if a little weightier. The weather was good and this town seemed so much better out of a car and those hours wiled in Marrickville Road saved a return trip so I arrived home, 12 hours after setting out, happy and expectant of next practice. Bring it on.

Matthew Tucker is Bresque Basses, luthier in Marrickville. Dave Ellis of Homebass shares the workshop. Thanks to Matthew for the pic.

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