27 April 2008

Trinity residency ends

The long residency of Trident is coming to an end this Tuesday night at Trinity Bar in Dickson. Trident has been involved various musos for its 4-1/2 year stint. It's developed into a cool, funky lounge-jazz scene: comfortable and very relaxed. Famed for long, solo-rich, grooves, that perennial Real Book favourite Madonna's Material girl, and a wonderful opportunity to play "Spot the (disguised) melody". Various players have sat in over time, but the main stalwarts have been Charlie Meadows (guitar), Tim Willis (guitar), Nick Horweg (bass), and of course the current lineup of James Luke (bass), Lachlan Coventry (guitar), Chris Thwaite (drums) and Ben Marston (trumpet). I'm expecting a wake on the last night.

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Anonymous said...

Come one come any! To the FINAL Tuesday Trinity ever! Genuine bargains for all! After 4 and a half years we’re moving out! Tomorrow night 9 til 11 Trinity, Dickson. Bring ur horn, bring ur trailer and save! Remember, when we lug out, you miss out!!