04 July 2009

More original than the titles suggest

Aron Lyon played last night for an ArtSound Friday Night Live broadcast in his Trio with Bill Williams and Ed Rodrigues. These are commonly reported players at CJ, so I won’t go into a lengthy description. Suffice to say it was an intriguing yet comfortable trio playing some well known standards (You don’t know what love is, Stella, Round midnight, and Wayne Shorter’s Deluge, which is less standard than jazz tune) plus a pile of originals, mainly by Aron himself, and with jokingly insignificant names: Three-four (guess the time signature), As new 1, Dotted crochet, Bunch of fives (this title is more promising). Then there was Bill’s original, called “Original”. Mmm. At least Aron promised to retitle his tunes before he records. But seriously, folks, the guitar was clean and crisp and fluid; the bass was similarly flowing and rapid and accurately pitched; the drums were Ed’s high standard of precision and constantly manipulated and mobile rhythms. And so many comfortable and expressive solos from all players. Just a lovely, mature, expressive few sets by a very strong guitar trio. Catch them if you can – it’s worth it.

Aron Lyon (guitar) led a trio with Bill Williams (bass) and Ed Rodrigues (drums) at ArtSound.

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