20 June 2011

Caught in passing (DHJF-8)

There were several acts that I just caught for a few tunes and here they are, in jazz historical order. Firstly the older, New Orleans era bands, then into swing, modern swing and verging into world.

Tuba Skinny were authentic creole from New Orleans. Attractive music, attractive players and not a smirk amongst them. In fact, fewer smiles than your everyday New Orleans funeral march. Perhaps it was a big opportunity lost to tour the world, play Sydney, and have it rained out. Whatever, this was cool early blues and jazz if alienating. TS are Todd Winfield Newton Burdick III (tuba), Kiowa Wells (guitar, vocals), Erika Lewis (vocals), Barnabus Jones (trombone), Robin Rapuzzi (washboard), Shaye Cohn (trumpet).

Geoff Bull’s Olympia Jazz band was genuine trad and featured a visiting New Orleanean with a joyful presence. Tunes were oldies but goodies like All of me and I ain’t got nobody. Topsy Chapman was the visitor with Geoff Bull (trumpet) but I didn’t get any other names.

John Morrison’s Swing City performed with a range of singers. I caught a reappearance of Topsy Chapman and Frank Bennett and missed a string of others.

Marty Mooney played with a fairly early swing-cum-bop feel. I remember Perdido and blues but they also performed Twisted, which I know best from Joni Mitchell but which dates back to a Wardell Grey solo that was vocalised by Annie Ross. Congrats especially to Matt McMahon and Ben Waples for some excellent solos. Marty Mooney (tenor) played with Matt McMahon (piano), Ben Waples (bass) and Dave Hibbard (drums).

Craig Scott presented a classic post-bop set that swung hard with great playing by bass and all round. Craig Scott (bass) played with Warwick Alder (trumpet), Paul Cutlan (sax), Tim Fisher (piano) and I missed the drummer’s name.

George Golla is of the same era as Craig Scott and they played together with John Morrison for a trio set. Good playing and truly a blast from the ‘80s past for me. George Golla (guitar) with Craig Scott (bass) and John Morrison (drums).

Guy Strazz(ullo) was last but not least. I’d been waiting to catch him for some time. This band was just thrown together at short notice (30-mins rehearsal that morning) so the worldly originals were limited and they played a few standards. I remember the originals as gentle, flowing, latin numbers that suited the wet weather but would excel for cocktails with offended girlfriends [joke alert]. Nicely understated and lyrical. Guy Strazzullo (guitar) performed with Aaron Flowers (guitar), Cameron Undy (bass) and Andy Stewart (drums).

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