10 September 2011

Bass shopping

I was amazed earlier in the day when I visited a photographic store in NYC. B&H was so big and so well supplied with what must be every model of every camera on display, as well as pro-audio, telescopics and computing. And it was busy. We can now get all this stuff online at similar prices, but its presence in one shop was an eye-opener.

It’s similar with basses, and David Gage is the store. It’s New York’s renowned luthier. I was discussing this with a staff member who showed me around, and he said there are only ~7 shops of its type in the world. It sounds a small number but I guess it’s feasible. There’s not such a big market in quality acoustic basses and the hand setups and repairs that go with them. As proof that basses are a small world, I was impressed when he knew of all the major Australian luthiers. Fellow bassist have recommended a visit and I came somewhat as a pilgrimage. And BTW, they also have lots of cellos around the store.

Interestingly, I spied another side of this city just outside the door in the raid: a fashion shoot. I’ve only been here a few days, but I’ve seen several fashion shoots, overheard girls talking of being photographed and seen a movie being made outside Grand Central Station. Go figure. This is much more than I’ve come across in Australia, or even London, Rome, Milan, Paris and the like.

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