1 December 2018

Great Australian voices

The Australian Voices. They are from Brisbane. They've been around for 25 years and are famed for the Singing Politician with Robert Davidson and Topology and numerous awards and more. They were on tour, touching down at Wesley Music Centre. They are deliriously good. They are generous, having run a workshop in the afternoon and inviting the participants up to sing a short Bach with them. Their music is mostly Australian and it's rich and modern and sometimes playful. They have a mashup of over 30 pop songs on YouTube called Tra$h Ma$h. We didn't hear that but we did hear Indian rhythms and knocking stones and whirly tubes and even singing through them. And Bruckner and several by leader Gordon Hamilton including one quoting Turing on his conviction for "gross indecency". But what beautiful voices, heavenly, gloriously intoned and delightfully together, sometimes with featured solo voices, bass or others or that high soprano. So good to hear such a choir and with such an interesting span of styles. Great stuff.

The Australian Voices performed at Wesley Music Centre under Gordon Hamilton (artistic director, conductor).

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