31 March 2023

sky vs weather

The Pots flies again with album no.7.  This time with another diatribe about climate based on lyrics drafted early one morning while navigating Drake's Passage with about 125 hardy souls.  Have a listen to hear of COP27 and various actors in this drama; about our opportunity, perhaps obligation, to talk to those we disagree with; to hear the words of featured artist, ChatGPT (with some help from Greta and me); to compare our planet with our lifeless neighbour, Mars; to ponder various curves, not least the famed hockey stick.  And to hear a glorious final Crucifixus a 8 by Antonio Lotti.  Have a look at the ePea page for album notes and lyrics.  Have a listen on YouTube Music and most other streaming sites (although missing from Spotify at present).  Or you may prefer Bandcamp.

Bassist EP has released his seventh home studio album, sky vs weather / The Pots.  You can hear it on all major streaming services (except Spotify at the moment for whatever obscure reason).

  • The Pots on Bandcamp
  • Album notes

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