09 May 2023

Thinking of Prague

Perhaps strange but Brindabella Orchestra is the one orchestra I perform with that gets full houses.  The house is not too big, but it is full.  I don't play with Brinda always but I do play occasionally to fill in on bass when needed.  Brinda was my first orchestra so has a connection.  I also had a connection with this program.  We played The Moldau.  It's about the river that runs through Prague and we've walked over that.  We stayed near the clock tower for several days and I got to various jazz haunts although not the Jazz boat cruise (see under Prague in this blog).  Prague is also the home of Miro Bukovsky and Miroslav Vitous and George Mraz.  Miro tells of playing with Miroslav in his younger days.  But back to Canberra.  The program was the Moldau and selections from Coppelia and Phantom of the Opera and some Russian folk songs and to finish, an arrangement of the Blue Danube waltz complete with a dancing couple.  Shilong Ye is current conductor and he's a capable and affable leader and great for Brinda.  I erred occasionally, but I was happy to hear that one cello bear me hadn't noticed.  I cover well.  So, a pleasurable afternoon with an old haunt.

Brindabella Orchestra performed at Weston under Shilong Ye (conductor).

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