23 November 2005

Canberra Jazz at Yahoo!Groups

I've started up a group at YahooGroups. Everyone interested in Jazz in Canberra is invited to join. So what does a YahooGroup do? It's a mailing list system with archive (you email to the group address, and it bounces to all members). But as well as that, you can chat, share documents and pics and more. I plan to set up a database of local jazz musicians, and possibly use the calendar facility for musos to advertise jazz gigs around Canberra. Thanks to YahooGroups for this excellent free service.

You have to be a member of YahooGroups to join. It's easy and free. Start by sending an subscription email to -

canberrajazz-subscribe AT yahoogroups DOT com

Canberra Jazz @ YahooGroups

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