11 November 2005

Wayne Kelly Trio

The Wayne Kelly Trio played at Tossolini's yesterday for the Canberra Jazz Festival. They tell me they have just finished recording a CD. The performance was all original tunes which were obviously well rehearsed for the recording. I found it excellent modern jazz, played in a quiet and relaxed fashion but with great intensity, and with interesting and well-defined lines. Wayne Kelly piano, Ben O'Loghlin bass and Mark Sutton drums. I also like the historical context, eg, post-bop heads of triplets and flat fifths. Paraphrasing Newton, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Congratulations on a terrific performance. Apparently the CD is out in the new year. They play at Hippo's on 30 Nov.

Addendum. I saw them a second time today. My guess is the richness comes from lots of complex extended chords on piano make for the modern sound. But plenty of post-bop lines still in the solos and heads. Great stuff.

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