02 August 2008

Just another day in Canberra

Three CDs were launched the other night in Canberra. Just another day in Canberra? Perhaps, and it shows of the strength of the local arts community. Sadly, I missed every launch, so no reports, but I’ll put up pics if I get any. In the meantime some cover art, some links for online listening and my earlier reports will have to suffice. These are three very different bands, but all capable and interesting in their own ways.

The CDs were "A touch of anarchy" by BlackSchu Band, "Amalgama" by Austin Benjamin Trio and "Point A" by James LeFevre Quintet

  • Austin Benjamin on CJ
  • Austin Benjamin on MySpace (listen)
  • BlackSchu Band on CJ
  • James LeFevre on CJ
  • James LeFevre Quintet on MySpace (listen)
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