05 August 2008

In the prime of life

ArtSound turned 25 sometime recently, and it celebrated with a get together for volunteers and supporters last night at the studios in Manuka. It was a barbie with snags all around, wine tasting, noisy chatting and good cheer amongst too many people squeezed into the small foyer space. Background music, of course, was live to air courtesy of ArtSound. The recording studio was open for a visit by those who otherwise spend their time in the CD library or the offices or the little broadcast studios. But most interest was in sharing stories and meeting with others with a similar passion.

Thanks must go to the volunteers who make this such a strong institution, and who give such strong support for jazz in Canberra. Thanks also to the various sponsors which are so essential for the funding of the operation. There’s lots of jazz on ArtSound; see the broadcast program at ArtSound’s website. And tune in on Friday evenings for Friday Night Live. FNL features live broadcasts of local musicians from the recording studio and live concerts recorded by ArtSound around Canberra over many years. Live broadcasts by Sally Greenaway, Eric Ajaye and Allie Flett are coming up over the next few weeks. Fairly new and very exciting.

Congrats to ArtSound and may you prosper for many years to come.

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