26 October 2005

Canberra Jazz Festival soon

The website for the CJF now has details - programs, players, etc. Mostly, if not all, are staff, students, or ex-students from the Canberra School of Music Jazz School. No problems with that - they are excellent. The dates for the event are strange (Wed to Sat), but again, they are students. So, check out the program and venues on the CJF website, and good luck to them. I'm looking forward to it, and I hope they continue in future years. http://canberrajazzfestival.com/

17 October 2005

Victorian Jazz Festivals

Wangaratta Jazz Festival is coming up next week http://www.wangaratta-jazz.org.au/

Also, see a list of other Victorian jazz festivals at http://www.whitehat.com.au/Melbourne/Music/Jazz.asp

Moruya Jazz Festival

I just attended the Moruya Jazz Festival over the weekend. It was a pleasant little town for a festival, and there was some excellent music for little cost. The Air Raid Shelter was home of the Canberra Jazz School, and they provided excellent and varied modern jazz on the Saturday that I was there. Otherwise, Galapagos Duck, Strange Weather Gospel Choir, and George Washingmachine were the featured acts. I enjoyed playing two sets with Pierre's Not 6 (usually Hot 6, but given there were about 8 players, renamed as Not 6). Thanks esp to CSM for the excellent and inspiring music. See the website at http://www.moruyajazzfestival.com.au/