26 June 2005

Canberra Jazz Club

I haven't had much to do with the CJC. They used to be involved with a large local jazz festival over the the weekend of St Valentine's Day, but that disappeared a few years back. They ran a 1-day mini-festival at the Southern Cross Club last year, and I understand there's another this year. My impression is that their interests are mainly in the trad/mainstream arena, but I could be proven wrong. See their website for contacts http://www.actco.org.au/canberrajazzclub/

Thanks to the Jazz School

The Jazz School at the Canberra School of Music is the heart of modern jazz in Canberra. It's the reason there's such a vibrant local modern jazz scene. And the teachers are respected elders on the local circuit. For more info, see the Jazz School's website http://www.anu.edu.au/music/study/jazz.php

Annie & the Armadillos

Annie's band is mainly R&B but they play a number of standards, and I've seen her sing with a swing bid band outfit, so I reckon she deserves an entry here. A&A plays every Monday at King O'Malley's in Civic from 8.30pm. They're a lot of fun, entry is free, and drinks are well priced.

ArtSound radio jazz

ArtSound is Canberra's music and arts community radio station, and it's excellent. ArtSound runs 24/7, and you'll find a good deal of jazz spread over these hours. I often catch Music Works with Chris Deacon and his mates (Sat 2-4pm) and excellent jazz overnight during the overnight music mix of After Hours. But there are several other jazz programs, and great blues, too. Check out the progam guide at http://www.artsoundfm.asn.au/. You'll find ArtSound at FM 92.7.

25 June 2005

Blues is our first cousin

Well, it's not strictly jazz, but it's a reasonably close relative, so it deserves at least one post. There's a good deal of decent blues around Canberra, mainly centred on the Canberra Blues Society and associated musos. For info on what's on, visit these sites and perhaps join the mailings lists they offer. http://www.canberrarootsmusic.com/ and http://www.canberrabluessociety.com/

Kurrajong Hotel Fridays 5.30

The Hotel Kurrajong has a long standing jazz trio gig on Friday nights from 5.30. I haven't gone recently, but I assume it's still ongoing. A very slick trio made up of teachers from the CSM Jazz School: Eric Ajaye (bass), Mike Price (guit) and Col Hoorweg (drums), with occasional changes in performers as people are unavailable. Mainly standards, excellently performed. Mingle with the well-dressed local workers from the Liberal Party and PM&C, or find yourself a jazz-loving student to talk to. Free entry.

24 June 2005

Trinity Bar keeps on keeping on

CSM Jazz School students continue to play regularly at Trinity Bar in Dickson. I understand this is a standing event over the last 2 years or so. Varying members, but originally Charlie Meadows (guitar), Chris Thwaite (drums) and James Luke (bass). Great little trio playing open and creative modern interpretations of standards and more. They appeared recently at Hippo's as The Coverts (great name). I don't know the current lineup. If anyone has any info, please enter in a comment to this post. Jazz continues every Tues night, and alternate Fridays (tonight, 24 Jun 2005, then fortnightly). Alternate Fridays is a DJ. Free entry and atmospheric surroundings.

Jazz history at the Cross

Canberra Southern Cross Club is presenting another of its history of jazz series again this year. Five concerts: Trad, 30 June; Gospel to Blues, 14 July; Modern, 20 July (Don Burrows); Swing, 4 Aug; BeBop, 12 Aug (James Morrison). Series tickets $90. Details see http://www.cscc.com.au/woden/events.html

23 June 2005

Hippos on Wednesdays

Hippos on Wednesdays is "Jazz in the City" night. See the link in the column to the right, which leads to Hippo's bookings for Wednesday. Local bands $7 and out of towners $10. Includes the big Australian names in jazz when they visit, and a range of talented local players, largely from the CSM Jazz School. Plenty of good names here, but I'm looking forward to John Mackay, Mike Price, and all the Hauptman family together in Exposed Bone. Sadly, I'm not around for Bernie McGann. See the link in the rh column, or direct to http://hippobar.com.au/event.asp?day=Wednesday&ID=1

Rosendahl-Lyon at Das Kapital

Das Kapital is a new bar at the Narrabundah Shops. Neils Rosendahl and his band plays every second Thursday (I saw them tonight 23 July, so work out the dates) starting 9pm. Free entry, and comfortable surroundings. Jazz seems to be featured on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Keep an eye on the Canberra Times for ads advising who's playing when (Sundays, or Saturdays, or perhaps Thursdays in Fly).

Welcome to Canberra Jazz

We hope to provide updates on gigs, events, etc in the Jazz life of Canberra. Good luck to us. If you are interested in publishing to this blog (we welcome multiple posters) just contact Eric.