17 September 2021


A dedication of love set in cement lays claim to the hope of a generation in the days of failing climate, democracy and equality.  Told in metal, electronics, EDM and even post-modern baroque.

The Pots, my home studio project, has released its fourth album.  Thanks partly to the time afforded by Lockdowns.  Now, The Pots is not jazz, but CJ has expanded to encompass more than just jazz after several thousand posts.  Expect electronica/prog rock with a spoken word and political themes.  Sounds pretty up to date to a kid of several decades back.  Anyway, have a listen.  It's delayed on Spotify, but is on YouTube and a string of other streaming sites, as well as Bandcamp.  Themes for this album include a homage to Greta (Adult in the room), a rant about broken politics, not least ScoMo and his lump of coal presented in Parliament surprisingly recently (Hope%less), a more lighthearted theme with my fave dim synth solo (Ah! PBO), a paean to Gramsci (Wisdom of Gramsci) and baroque, electronica and EDM instrumentals.  All released on the anniversary of the first day of Occupy Wall Street demos in NYC.  Alas, a likely portent for civilisation's future given climate denial, or even just procrastination. 

  • YouTube > https://tinyurl.com/ym2zj9t5
  • Bandcamp > https://thepots1.bandcamp.com/
  • 13 September 2021

    Walkin' (not miles or as in Miles)

    I am at a loss without a project during a lockdown (or at the whims of our cute dachies).  So more album/s is/are on the way.  But in the meantime, here's a video for track 1, Pumpkin discomforts, Double down.  Again politics alert, so you have been warned.  This was assembled from a series of videos taken at Parliament House (it fits the topic).  It's not initially as I'd planned, but it works and probably is apt for the anger and dismay at the quality of our politics at the moment.  Have a watch and a listen and expect a new album release this Friday.  From The Pots!

  • Double Down / The Pots