31 October 2020


This CV19 era is a downer. There have been a few jazz gigs but I couldn't get to them for some reason of other. As a break, we went off to Dubbo. Dubbo? Yeah, famed for the zoo but we didn't go this time. We did check out some historical sites, the gaol and the homestead, and the Botanic Gardens and Cultural centre and various restaurants. I noticed a ton of motels in town. I guess it's the zoo's pulling power. We chatted in a surprisingly large music store and discovered the local conservatorium (our local SOM heavies had played there recently). Met the great-great-niece of Ben Hall, the famed local bushranger. Got to see the Canowindra fish fossils and the Parkes radio telescope in our travels. The music highlight was the Old Bank pub, with guitars on the wall a la Hard Rock Cafe. These guitars always surprise me as attractive instruments (335, superstrat, jb, DanElectro, Gretsch, etc) but they are not really so expensive as decoration and possibly serve as investments. That was the site for the Tuesday night jam session. This was rock with a string of hit covers - Paul Kelly, Pink Floyd, Dylan, Angels, Santana and the like. I liked it but didn't end up sitting in. So be it. The band was greying (I can talk!) and capable. The burgers were huge. We only stayed for the host band's set. We liked it. Takes you back. As for Dubbo, there must be layers to unearth that we didn't have time to discover. 
Eric and Megan visited Dubbo.