30 April 2011

Dirk’s Saturday outings

Dirk has a nice line in weekend auctions and I caught him at one. He just plays a short set, a few standards, then moves on to another sale. It entertains (or more likely relaxes) an audience that’s more interested in real estate investments and dual occupancies or nervously pondering what loan they’ll need to take out - a big one, no doubt. This housing market does little good for ordinary guys, but serves the players well enough. They are the real estate suits with the Mercedes and Jags on show in the driveway (why do they always parade that wealth, I wonder?), the banks with their loans, the governments with their increasing sales taxes and I’m sure there are others. But don’t get me started – it’s not something for this site. At least it’s nice to see that Dirk, Graham and Lachlan get some gigs out of it. Dirk Zeylmans (tenor), Graham Monger (guitar) and Lachlan Coventry (bass) played several short gigs around the home auction circuit. I think I can hear another in the distance as I write this.

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