29 December 2011

One that got away

The band was the New Cabal and the venue was The Boheme Bar in Adelaide. I literally arrived as the last note was fading away, so I can’t say anything about the band. I was delayed and they presumably played the standard two sets. But I mention the night because of the interesting venue. The Boheme is dark and intimate: Parisian chic with a bedraggled edge. Think bentwood chairs, framed monochrome photos and lots of heavy drapery. It’s another intriguing Adelaide venue and definitely one to check out on Wednesday nights, when Chris Soole and the New Cabal play their residency. I was pretty annoyed but I calmed down with a beer and a chat to guitarist Fred. It didn’t help to hear that the band had played well on the night. I’ll put it down as an exercise in frustration. There’s tons of good jazz everywhere, and this is just one that got away. So the message is: If you’re visiting Adelaide, The Boheme on Wednesdays seems well worth a visit.

  • http://www.labohemebar.com.au/
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