28 December 2011

Rundle Maul

You can get a mauling in Rundle Mall when the sales are on. You need some calming recuperation, and I got it this year from two buskers: violinist Agnieszka Kosacka and Stickist Andy Salvanos. Firstly, Agnieszka. I was initially attracted by the strong and authoritative sound of her violin. I noticed it was assisted by a pickup and amplification, but this was firm technique which was just confirmed by some well balanced and evenly arpeggiated bowing over multiple strings. Agnieszka is Polish and a professional. She plays weddings, funerals and the like. Just proof of the great classical training they are renowned for in Eastern Europe. The next encounter was both short and unexpected. This was Andy Salvanos playing a Chapman Stick. These are uncommon instruments. This Stick was only the second I remember encountering, although I know them moderately well from ads in guitar mags. Sticks come in 10- and 12-string versions. The original 10-string Classic Stick tuning was five melody strings in descending 4ths and five bass strings in ascending 5ths, although all manner of tunings are possible. Andy was playing a 10-string. You play it by tapping chords and bass lines and melodies with right and left hands. The sound was rich in harmony and accompaniment, guitar-like in tone and almost pianistic in musical structure. I found it quite unexpectedly attractive. Again, a civilised interlude amongst the so-busy shoppers.

Agnieszka Kosacka (violin) and Andy Salvanos (Chapman Stick) were busking in Rundle Mall soon during the post-Christmas sales.

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