30 September 2012

Just in passing

You always see, or hear, buskers just in passing, but Gloria Marcela stopped us for a few minutes. She’s a capable violinist and she was playing Bach with some ease and considerable beauty, especially give the circumstances. Actually, I’m surprised we haven’t come across more buskers in Berlin. There are enough tourists, so I’d expect more, especially given that this is such a meeting place for artists. I’ve noticed living statues more than musicians on the street. Marcela’s card says she plays a range of styles and I could believe it. She played us a mournful Columbian folk song before we left. We’re in Europe tourist mode so it’s not surprising that I preferred the Bach, but this strange city with its recent history of devastation and separation and regrowth may fit better with a lament. Gloria Marcela was busking in downtown Berlin.

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