11 September 2012

Latins sing German

I couldn’t get to Igitur Nos performing Brahms’ German Requiem but I got to the rehearsal the day before. There were times of considerable beauty (and some obviously challenging high notes) and it had me wishing to be there on the day. Matthew was working the choir and visiting singers, so this was interrupted, on-off, “Take it from Bar nn” stuff. So it was interesting but choppy and without the tension and commitment and continuity of performance. The visiting voices were Sydney baritone Raphael Hudson and Hobart soprano Pamela Andrews. The accompaniment was four handed on a Yamaha C7 (I understand it’s All Saint’s new indulgence) by brothers Alistair and Colin Noble. Igitur nos will soon start practicing for Mozart’s Requiem in early November. Here are just a few pics of the rehearsal.

Matthew Stuckings (conductor) led the Igitur nos chamber choir with accompaniment by Alistair Noble (piano) and Colin Noble (piano) and with singers Raphael Hudson (baritone) and Pamela Andrews (soprano). Igitur nos comprises Alison Knight, Andrew Freeman, Bruce Watson, Caroline Kayser, Catherine Hayman, Clara Teniswood, David Harcourt, Gemma Dashwood, Gerard Clifton, James Graham, Jonathon Lee, Karen McKenzie, Karina Harvey, Louise Skelt, Markus Klaiber, Mary Harwood, Meredith Boroky, Meredith Norman, Olivia Denney, Steve Harris, Stewart Skelt and Todd Heather.

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