5 February 2014

Clubbing trumpets ... what could possibly go wrong

The High Court was a hit during the C100 festivities with its acoustics, modernist magnificence and its Sunday afternoon concerts. All manner of performers performed there - plenty of choirs and smaller classical and world music ensembles. They will continue with fortnightly concerts in 2014 and Trumpet Club presented the first of this series. Trumpet Club are just that: trumpets (although a timpani and some occasional percussion sneaked into this concert). They play classical and jazz.
This was mostly classical, from Verdi fanfares through concerti and Lauridsen's O Magnum Magisteria to a few modern pieces, by Marlat and Lopresti. Then just a touch of jazz in one of two encores. The numbers varied for different pieces, but at most there were about a dozen trumpets, including one bass trumpet. They played form balconies high above the audience and I heard full, echoed sound of mediaeval halls. They on steps above, clear, and best right in front of the audience for the brazen blasts that are the nature of trumpets. It was a first concert after the Christmas break and Zach talked of embouchures needing a run-in. This is a factor of brass playing that others don't appreciate. But a satisfying concert that ranged from royal splendour to mystical and threatening and plain groovy with that jazz piece. I can't help but like this band. What could go wrong?

Trumpet Club varies in members, but on the day they were: Louisa Batts, Cameron Smith, Kate Walker, Matt Nichols, Brooke Zotti, Corey Booth, Kate Thompson, Alex Ross, Kevin Knapp, Zach Raffan, Farzana Choudhury, (trumpets), Michael Bailey (bass trumpet), Christina Hopgood (timpani)

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