27 February 2014

Then there were only three

I didn't write up another gig for a drummer-less trio a few weeks ago, but here's another. It's a strange conjunction but pleasant enough. Play without drums and the sound is more open, but also there's a more demanding role to lay down a beat and hold it. Interesting for a bassist, but also for piano. The rhythm section is missing its heart and the response is both a challenge and a pleasure. Last time was the Old Parliament House cafe with Richard and Mike and me. This time was ANU Arts Centre, for a cocktail party-styled, pre-event get-together. I enjoyed both gigs. The OPH gig conflicted with something or other, so was not too well attended. This night at ANU was a buzz of activity and free drinks and chatter so we could play to ourselves and enjoy the outing and entertain a crowd. This was James and Richard and me. Standards, suits, even a few friends appearing from the crowd while we played. That's not always so easy ... at least for the altered or diminished chords. And an audience that was more interested in chatting, so leaving us to extensive solos and such indulgences. The only problem was that it stopped too soon. But then, as I tell myself, this is work, after all. It can't all be a bed of roses. James Woodman (piano), Richard Manderson (saxes) and Eric Pozza (bass) played at the ANU Arts Centre.

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