9 July 2015

Our small Smalls

I just dropped through on the way to Hannah at the Gods so I could only stay a short time but Wayne and Ben and Mark are welcoming and this was the monthly jam session night. Wayne's trio started with a ripper. Ross and I thought it was familiar. It turned out to be an original by Ben, a major take on Coltrane's minor Grand Central. Steady and quick and driving. Then I was up with Mark, Jim Fuller and Ross Buchanan for a blues and Stella. Then I rushed to Hannah. Thanks to all. Great fun and cosy on these cold nights. Get along and support this. Our small local Smalls. An open, welcoming local jazz community.

Wayne Kelly (piano) trio with Ben O'Loghlin (bass) and Mark Sutton (drums) perform each Tuesday 6.30-8.30 pm. Free entry; food and drinks on tap. First Tuesday each month is jam session. Tonight's jammers included Jim Fuller (tenor) and Ross Buchanan (piano).

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