13 July 2015

Jef on home turf

Pics and text by Neal Gowen, CJ’s foreign correspondent in Belgium

Yes we are in Belgium again and catching some more music. Two weeks ago we went to see a free concert by Jef Neve. It was in the Gent suburb of Sint-Martens-Latem and was part of a celebration for the official opening of the refurbished riverbank area of the Leie River, which runs through Gent. The event was organised by the local Sint Martens-Latem Flemmish equivalent of the town council. Free beer, food and music. The Belgians know how to organise a do! Jef only played a short 45 minute set consisting of compositions such as Kundalini and Solitude from his new CD. The PA was great and a top quality sound for the reasonably large crowd. I caught up with him and his manager Pieter for a quick chat afterwards. Sint-Martens-Latem is quite a wealthy suburb and home to many artists, sculptors and musicians. Jef’s practice studio is actually the white building in the second photo, nice location right next to the river. The sculptures are typical of what is dotted around the suburb. / Neal Gowen

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