20 August 2018

Bassano ... del Grappa

Bassano is a town in the Veneto in North Italy. It's renowned for the distilled drink grappa, for asparagus, for Napoleon's stay for six months-or-so, for a famed bridge designed by Palladio which was destroyed in WW2 and rebuilt. It's a place I know moderately well, having had family there and visited a few times. Bassano is the name I've taken for my solo bass gigs. Solo bass? Sounds dull. I played a test gig at a friend's birthday party the other day. It felt a little dull playing while others were busily drinking and chatting for a cocktail party. It can be lonely playing solo without mates but it's good practice and it went off well enough. All pizz. Mostly jazz with piano/bass accompaniment (which I just heard but others didn't given my dismissive sound system), heads and walks and solos, some pizz Bach. The venue was very cool: Tootsie Not a Gallery, Fine Art and Design, in Yass. It worked well enough to try again. Not sure it's worth what it might pay, without mates to chatter and drink with in the break. But it's a gig.

Eric Pozza (bass) played solo bass as Bassano at Tootsie Not a Gallery in Yass.

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