09 August 2018


Again I heard Gravy 'Trane as openers. GT are a quartet of students from the Jazz School, obviously a formidable group. Here they appeared with a different drummer as Hugh was to play with the main band. They laid down some seriously capable solos against Bird, Steven Scott, Coltrane's Naima, Miles' So what, Sonny Rollins' Oleo and one original. I particularly liked Caleb's floating chords in various spots, Thomas' and Isaac's fluent and purposeful solos and Alex also laid down some committed fours and eights and the like. The original was interestingly more floating, calling naturally for those more meditative sounds of Caleb's floating chords. But then he could also move through different feels with considerable ease. Sometimes, perhaps I felt some over-excitement in grooves or fills, but the student life is a settling period to do just that settling. Nice chops and melodies and ideas evident. GT are very satisfying now and only promise more.

Gravy 'Trane were Thomas Coleman-Bell (alto), Caleb Campbell (piano), Isaac Said (bass) and Alex Wanjura (drums).

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