22 January 2024

Threebies no.3

I write this as we pass by Lake George on a Murray's couch and marvel at the current expanse of Lake George.  Water, specifically the Nile, is now central to the experience of Egypt as it was to Egypt and Ramses the Great at the Australian Museum by Hyde Park in Sydney. This was a stunner of an exhibition.  Plenty of stone work, jewellery of metals and stone, sarcophagi and the rest despite a cringe-worthy introductory video that still used BC in place of the now standard BCE.  Virtually all the works on display seemed to be sourced from the Cairo Museum.  I hadn't realised that the Ramses II mummy had been found only recently (1881) given a disguised timber sarcophagus amongst 30 mummies.  I found myself in awe at the displays and photographing everything.  It's a common weakness and closely related to omnipresent mobiles with capable cameras.  His story, of course, is not so welcoming, being of wars and kingly wealth and endless servants doing his bidding and building his indulgences.  But I enjoy thus peak in on the (wealthy) past.  Our local NMA also has an Egyptian exhibition sourced from the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden and a few Australian museums.

Ramses and the gold of the pharaohs is an exhibition at the Australian Museum in Sydney.

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