26 January 2024

Spending Australia Day

This is Australia Day in the old sense meaning a holiday, some time to catch up with mates, not too much cultural hype.  In this case it was a few hours with Richard and Mike and some jamming to end it off.  For the afternoon, I'll have a listen to Mike's latest album of classical music.  Mike writes all manner of music.  I remember playing with him at Moruya Jazz Fest and one night he started playing his originals in the styles of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and the like.  Impressive works that floored me in my pre-classical days.  Then later an album or two of witty jazz tunes.  Now this one, with his piano concerto that I remember playing with NCO at TheQ and a suite and a Celtic rhapsody.  This latest recorded under Maestro Max McBride.  That's for Australia day arvo, to listen to Mike's newest album.

Mike Dooley released another album of classical music, this one called Journeys.  Mike Dooley (piano), Richard Manderson (tenor) and Eric Pozza (bass) jammed on Australia Day.

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