31 January 2024


We had a great gig at Molly a few nights back before my Internet died but they all seem that way these days.   Tilt was booked but Dave couldn't play so Mark sat in.  We chatted in the breaks.  Me talking of recent musical discoveries (Domi & JD Beck, Knower) and how they were clear influences of a few gigs I saw in Germany and how jazzers are so often crossing over with rap and more now and how bop is now a thing of 70+ years back and Sean Wayland's concert and his offsiders on Youtube.  James talked of playing with his ex-Army band mates in Dial M and I can vouch for that gig and otherwise with a second cousin (Gemma Sherry) whose most recent album featured some veritable stars (Kenny Barron, Ron Carter). Impressive!  Then my common refrain, that it's all music.  That was confirmed late in the night when I was skipping FM radio stations and heard a track on Triple J that sounded all the world like a Beatles ballad (My love mine all mine / Mitski) then flipped to ABC Classic FM and heard virtually an identical sounding segment (from Scheherazade [study for strings] / David Joseph).  That's confirmation beyond expectations!

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