7 April 2012

An exception

I don’t remember why I missed last year’s Exceptions gig at the Jazz School, but I was glad I got to this one. The Exceptions are a new generation of students. I like to watch each generation as it comes through, with its different interests and skills and influences. I knew some of these players from previous gigs but what interested me was, as Eric Ajaye said in introduction, that they compose so they have something to say. And their compositions were impressive. When they started up I first heard latin, then a Tom Scott-like attractive commerciality, but as I listened there were altered jazzy blues and Scandinavian minimalisms and funk and rock feels. These were convincing tunes and well arranged even if the variation in styles suggested they might be still finding their musical way. The playing was capable, too. Scott and Jordan were fairly well known to me before this gig. Scott’s trumpet impressed me with considerable maturity in his melodic solos, sometimes simple and bluesy, but authoritative. Jordan’s an impressive bassist; his slap is tight and sharp, his electric solos are fluent and mighty fast, and he’s now added the double bass to his stable. I particularly enjoyed Tate’s piano. I heard tonal and scale running, smooth and loquatious, and occasionally northern Euro meditative. Joe was thoughtful in alto solos and and neat in melodies and was worthy of more dynamism. Rohan took a few solos, but was mostly neatly supportive. These were capable compositions that bode well for an expressive but also attractive and sellable band sound. Well enjoyed.

The Exceptions performed at the first of the annual series of student gigs at the Jazz School. They are Joe McEvilly (alto sax), Scott Temby (trumpet, flugelhorn), Tate Sheridan (piano), Jordan Tarento (electric, acoustic bass) and Rohan Moore (drums).

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