15 April 2012

Passing in the night

Megan and I went out for a Friday night drink at the National Press Club and Mike Price and crew were playing. This is fortuitous! I’ll be hearing them at Llewellyn Hall when they broadcast nationally to ABCFM on Sunday. Here’s a preliminary pic although the same band won’t be playing for the broadcast (I’ve seen two lineups online so not sure who to expect). Mike was enjoying a return to acoustic with a trio comprising bass and two acoustic guitars. I couldn’t hear Greg too clearly, although I did catch some fast lines and a few sheets of notes in his solos. Mike’s guitar was sharp and cutting and easy to pick up, and his playing was eminently melodic and purposeful. Lovely! Eric was his fluent self, too, with some busy solos and easy going but steady grooves. All standards: Ellington, Jobim and the like. What a nice interlude. It’s a relaxed and fairly noisy venue on Friday evenings with the musos in a dark corner, but a decent local haunt for an after-work drink with some very capable jazz. Mike Price (guitar) played with Greg Stott (guitar) and Eric Ajaye (bass).

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