23 April 2012

Little luxuries

My Mum likes to visit to the Hyatt Tea Room and it was felicitous that we could also catch Lucinda Peters who was playing there for Friday evening pre-dinner drinks. This is a very civilised outing and the music was perfectly suitable for the location. No intrusive drums. Just the smooth tones of bass, the sharp but sweet sound of acoustic guitar (Stuart changed to semi-acoustic later in a later set) and Lucinda singing smooth jazz and latin and some tamed bop. I was talking rather than listening for this gig, but I noticed fluent solos from both these isntrumentalists, even if my favourites were from the twangy acoustic. I also enjoyed Lucinda’s eminently professional presence and a nicely subdued jazz freedom that made for interesting tunes but with a relaxed presence. The first tune we heard was Round midnight, so this was particularly subdued, but then the set moved nicely though various styles: How deep the ocean how high the sky, Girl from Ipanema, Yardbird suite and that classic memory of a little black dress, Moon River. Lovely and perfect accompaniment for sparking wines or an amber ale. Lucinda also plays bass and I’ve yet to hear her in this role. Looking forward to that.

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