17 October 2012

Back to Bare

Back to Bare Jazz for an occasional live concert upstairs in the cafe. I arrive as Hanna Paulsberg and her band are negotiating space and drums and upright piano in a corner that must take a quartet with double bass.
It's all part of the game and an amusing interlude before their short set. Hanna and her mates studied jazz at Trondheim and she assured me it's a good school. Good on Trondheim to be so lucky. They perform just a few original tunes in a style reminiscent of Wayne Shorter and '60s postbox. Satisfying tone from Hanna, some dotted crotchet grooves, waltzes and moderate swing. A pleasant interlude in this cool record store cum cafe with Norwegians enjoying the mild weather. It's autumn here, and the jackets are needed by all, not just tourists, but it’s OK out of the wind and the sun sparkles at a strangely low altitude. Here’s also a pic of fellow tenor-play Hanna Steinsholm sharing a drawing she did at the gig. Hanna Paulsberg Concept are Hanna Paulsberg (tenor), Oskar Grönberg (piano), Trygve WalkemarFiske (bass) and Hans Hulbækmo (drums).

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