2 October 2012

Oktober in Berlin

Oktoberfest is on for the next two weeks. It’s something Aussie kids plan to attend but we just happened on it. Beer, polkas, Europop, sausages and potatoes, tourists, currywurst. Good clean fun and very busy, at least in the early hours that we attended, although tending to boorish. Here’s a trio playing with midi (no drums in sight). I admire musos with a repertoire. These are the artisans of our trade; the artists are far better but play for the door. This was more europop than polkas, but noone seemed to notice. How infectious is Brazil with a few beers and leers under the belt??

Next, here’s a totally different working band. Again, I have no name. No Europop here. This was genuine early dance-hall polkas, waltzes and tangos. They were playing in a very impressive food hall in a very upmarket Berlin department store abbreviated and generally known as KaDeWe. It's corny music to our ears but I can't help but find it attractive and endearing.

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