1 April 2015

SSO playalong

My concern over climate change is more scientific and desperate than the gentler public face of Earth Hour but perhaps not as influential. I guess you need both. Anyway, this year I took part in Earth Hour if as a personal indulgence. (Lots of Earth Hour is like that as is the way with many public campaigns; think candle-lit dinners). I played with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, if only privately in my practice room. SSO were playing Holst Planets suite in the Opera House. They were conducted by David Robertson on Conductor-Cam. It's repetitive and not overly difficult, at least for bass. There were various messages to start sections on the screen and bar numbering in the top right corner. Numerous local performances were webcast over 24-hours around the world as the Global Orchestra. Amusing and good sight reading practice.

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Global Orchestra under David Robertson performed Holst Planets suite for Earth Hour and this was webcast as the Concert for the planet.

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