14 April 2015

Thinking Pinball

Tilt is the name of this new incarnation as we try to make a funkier take on jazz. It's a long time from post-bop and, although we maintain a love for it, it's nice to fiddle with the inherent grooves and feels. Also nice to get out an electric bass (and how much easier is the lug). This was my 1970s fretless Maton. It's a tiny fingerboard after practicing in recent years on a double bass, but the satiny, silky, sensuous feel of a fretless fingerboard remains. This was our first outing, in a trio format. We played two short sets at an artists' exhibition launch complete with prizes and presentations by notables. The group was the Artists Society of Canberra and the launch was for a Native Grasslands exhibition. The location was notable, too: in the foyer of the ActewAGL building amongst the forest of 37 illuminated "ossolites" of the Robert Frost sculpture called "the Journey". Slam tilt or nudge; funky and fun.

Tilt comprised James Woodman (piano), Eric Pozza (bass) and Dave McDade (drums). Tilt played amongst the Robert Frost Journey ossolites.

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