26 May 2015

First up, Salzburg

This is Mozart in three cities but I hadn't realised it was 3 concerts for 3 cities. For the first concert, Erin Helyard and Skye McIntosh were playing Salzburg. Its early in Mozart's career and the first sonata, for Keyboard and violin Eb major was clearly early The later ones were much more sturdy, adventurous, comfortable with composition and instrumentation. But they were all evident and hugely attractive. Mozart is like that, after all. And the pairing of Erin and Skye was similarly comfortable. They'd studied together at the Sydney Con, sometime, and played together in Pinchgut Opera and otherwise. Erin was playing a modern replica of a traditional fortepiano. Julie and I chatted of the different tones of these period instruments, not so forceful or loud, a softer bass and ringing trebles. And the violin that's gentler, less firm and forceful. But that's just period instruments. Erin's playing was confident, sure; Skye a little more reticent, and this fitted with what I felt was a lesser role. The violin spoke melodies but the busyness and audacity was in the accompaniment. Must be Mozart, I guess. They played 3 sonatas together (Eb, G, Bb) and Erin played one solo sonata (G) and a set of variations on Salieri. The tone was a nice fit for this lofty space with serried rows of listeners and a most unassertive stage. All lovely and informative and a first step in a performance history of Mozart's works for keyboard and violin. The next are Mannheim and Vienna, sometime in July and August. Looking forward to it. BTW, this all happens in the Great Hall at ANU University House with its massive Leonard Feather backdrop.

Erin Helyard (fortepiano) and Skye McIntosh (violin) performed early Mozart in the Great Hall of University House.

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James Ashburner said...

Yes, a fine concert. Skye and Erin are also both scamps, and far from one-trick ponies.

Erin had intended to play the Stein replica, but it's undergoing maintenance at present, so it was the Walter copy on Tuesday.