2 May 2015

Haydn's here again

Haydn was in town again for another venture into period music. The Australian Haydn Ensemble morph into different combinations for their gigs as they explore the music of the early classical era and its various demands on lineup. This concert explored works for that string trio and with flute. I think from the Mozart flute quartet in C major written for flute, violin, viola and cello. The program was half and half, with and without flute. As well as Mozart, the composers were big names, Haydn and Beethoven and Boccherini, with two lesser names, Graf and Wendling. Apparently both Wendling and Graf were admired by Mozart for fine flute playing. Melissa is admired by me for fine flute playing. If I understood correctly, she was playing an early classical flute made of unvarnished wood. She shone, but so did the other instruments here. I was enamoured by Anthea at times by those busy baroque runs played lithely, but then I have a penchant for the lower register. Skye was busy as for much of the night, and James also took some very prominent roles at times. A small ensemble doesn't have many places to hide and this one did an admirable job in presenting a dignified and intriguing program. BTW, the concert was in the Drill Hall (Art) Gallery, so just image by Guy Maestri from the wall. Dead parrots as medals to deceased soldiers Gallipoli, this being the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli.

For this concert, the Australian Haydn Ensemble comprised Skye McIntosh (violin), Melissa Farrow (flute), James Eccles (viola) and Anthea Cottee (cello).

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James Ashburner said...

They are very welcome visitors. Always great musicality with technical excellence, and thoughtful programming. Fine people too.