29 May 2015

New however

This concert was 12 pieces from 12 composers played by 15 performers. It's new music, but not all experimental. A few were. Some were more through composed, lyrical even, although tarred with minimalism. That's cool: I like minimalism. These were some of my favourite pieces. With the best intentions, I can find classically trained noise is often tiresome. I warm to it with evidence of skills and otherwise, sometimes, even when I just close my eyes. But my favourite pieces were through composed and performed with traditional skills and a conductor. Wings by Nahed Elrayes and Quartet no.1 by Ryan Sanderson appealed most. But others attracted me for various reasons. Piece 2 by Andrew Ryan was a composed jazz-rock with oboe lead (!). Hodge Podge by Yee Ning Ellen Chan and Themed variations by Lachlan McIntyre were interesting and featured some impressive violin from Helena Popovic. There was more too; my apologies for not mentioning each piece. Alexander Hunter performed by had also guided the students in the process of development and rehearsal over the last six months. New music, new in style or in date. Whatever, it's what's being made at ANU now.

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