15 June 2015

Before the coming frosts

After the excitement of the visiting internationals at the Street Theatre recently, there was just one small resurgence before the drought, but it was a goodie. Reuben Bradley visited on the last night of his tour to launch a new album. The theme was intriguing, even if I am not a reader of much fiction of imagination: a dedication to horror fiction author, HP Lovecraft. The trio was excellent: Brett Hirst and NYC-based Taylor Eigsti, returning just a few weeks after appearing with Eric Harland at the Capital Jazz Fest. What a treat. Every one of the players performed with great chops and seriously interesting exploration. The music was moving, driving, sometimes floating; complex and convincing contemporary jazz. They were to play at Smiths, but alas. They did play at Vivaldi and it was a wonderful venue. Too poorly attended, despite the frequent announcements by Reuben. What a gig was missed. Taylor's jazz lines just floored me; consistent, expressive, inventive but easy and unforced. His ease of four note snippets had me thinking McCoy Tyner but he's a magpie. Brett's solos were so well spoken, nicely intervallic or scalar and always compelling. Reuben was leading, busy, pushing the beat, full of colour and movement and often expressing it all openly on his face. I fear we are entering the winter of our jazz-discontent here in once rich Canberra. Thank the gods for the Gods. Otherwise, save your dollars for NYC. The frosts are setting, in Canberra, in jazz and more. But this was a great concert and hugely enjoyed while it lasted.

Reuben Bradley (drums, compositions) played at Vivaldi to launch his new album, Cthulhu rising, dedicated to horror fiction author, HP Lovecraft. Brett Hirst (bass) and Taylor Eigsti (piano) accompanied.

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