23 June 2015


CJBlog is at 1443 posts. That's one post every 2.5 days. Nutty, but it all becomes a habit over time. 1443 posts must be over 1200 gig reports and various other outings, to theatre, museums, public lectures and the like. Initially the gigs were jazz, but recently we've seen the demise of any significant jazz activity in Canberra and even of a reliable, regular jazz listening venue. (Amusingly, the first gigs I reported were of the Wayne Kelly Trio - with Mark Sutton and Ben O'Loghlin - and they have started up again weekly following Ben's return to Canberra). Musical interests change and mine have broadened towards the classical and I've found the time for outings with Megan to classical, theatre and more. Public lectures have appeared as Australia's politics have become increasingly distressing and my political leanings have become more evident. The politics I used to record on AginSpin has migrated to CJ. There have been travels and I've amused myself by reporting from jazz clubs around the world. And the changes at the ANU School of Music is the biggest story with the most far-reaching implications. And so on it goes, as long as it goes on.

  • Thanks to Patrick Subotkiewiez from BAZIEGE, FRANCE for the pic from Wikicommons
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    David Lole said...

    Congratulations on your 10th anniversary of CJ. This town is a whole lot better for it. Thanks, Eric.