24 June 2015

Monday's harmonies

Monday's harmonies aren't always perfect and sometimes the quicker lines can get bogged down (the semi-quavers in Handel can be a doozy) but when it works it's wonderfully pleasurable for the singers and hopefully for the audience, too. This is Harmonia Monday, my weekly choir, led by two unreasonably good leaders who are seen commonly enough around town in choral circles, Sheila Thompson and Oliver Raymond. And we are singing some seriously satisfying music. This time it was several from each of Handel and JS Bach (from his B Minor mass, no less) and Elgar and several lesser-known others. I'm getting more certain on intervals and the count with more experience, but slips remain too easy. I notice the confidence that comes when someone from a section takes a lead. I'm pleasantly surprised that we hold pitch without piano when we go piano-less. Going free of piano seems to be a worthy challenge in choral circles. The concert wasn't perfect but the development is satisfying and I was surprised when I attempted some jazz harmonies on a gig and my voice responded decently in pitch and with volume and a satisfying firmness. It's amazing what some practice will do! Much enjoyed and thanks to the choir and leaders and see you all after the break for the next batch of songs to learn.

Harmonia Monday choir performed Handel, Elgar, Eriskay love lilt, JS Bach (from the B minor mass), Verdi, Knipper, Wood and Hatton at St Mark's Red Hill under Sheila Thompson (conductor) and Oliver Raymond (conductor).

  • Thanks to WikiCommons for the pic of some JS Bach B minor mass manuscript
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