27 June 2018

Sun princess others

What else musical? There were several other acts, some pretty decent, that I didn't follow. Chris Powley appeared with orchestra in a vocal showcase. I only caught a few minutes where he was singing tunes in the styles of various famous artists. Amusing. I did catch Chris Gable, an Australian multi-instrumentalist with a good line in patter. He played a string of light jazz numbers on alto sax (?) and clarinet with the orchestra. His playing was quick and good and his sax playing had a wonderful tone. There was a young piano/vocalist who was popular but to my ear destroyed every song. His antics were popular but his interpretations of some supremely lovely ballads were indulgent and disrespectful ... to my ears. Perhaps it says as much about me as him. I won't mention his name. There was an in-port Penang Folkloric show featuring local instruments and songs, local melodies, gamelan, percussion and the rest and several dancers. Interesting but perhaps requires some understanding. I particularly liked the gamelan player. There was a solo guitar/singer called Danny Shamess and a clever covers duo called Galaxy Duo. Galaxy was female singer and male guitar with recorded backing and some searing guitar solos. Nice. Sounding much bigger than the pair of players on stage. What else? There was a DJ bar and Karaoke in the early evening. Some of the Voice performers appeared here, of course. There were some flunkies but mostly decent singers amongst them: no doubt regulars at the local karaoke pub. Indicative of cruise life, a lively dinner table partner, Poppy, tried to get me up for a duet but no avail. There's other stuff, too, not least bars and pools and ports and food but that's for another blog. I lost most of my pics of the artists, so just two from Singapore.

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